Welcome to the team!


We are excited to welcome Susie Sandberg as our Head of People and Culture! 


Susie is a highly experienced HR professional that will play a crucial role in developing the operating system of ATLANT 3D and setting the foundation for the successful scaling of the company and the development of a unique culture and way of working! 


”I am very happy to have joined ATLANT as Head of People & Culture and get the chance to drive impact and work with bright, energetic, and ambitious people. We are on a powerful mission, and with aunique product, we have a world of opportunities waiting for us in the world. We are building the strongest foundation for our business based on the best talent in the market. Passion and engagement will drive ATLANT’s innovative brain power to where only the sky is the limit. We have a culture, that is based on respect, diversity, inclusion, and a growth mindset. We truly believe in encouraging our people to embrace challenges, learn from their mistakes, and view setbacks as opportunities for growth. ” Says Susie. 

Welcome on board from ATLANT 3D Team!

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