New ATLANT 3D Headquarters Announcement – More space for innovation!



We are thrilled to share the news that we have moved to our brand–new headquarters. The facility of about 3.000 m2 is located near central Copenhagen and within easy reach from the airport. Our new headquarters offer much more space for growth; we will be setting up an application and customer lab, R&D lab, facilities for equipment development, offices, and special provisions for material and chemistry development. 


Now, we have moved one step closer to our vision of creating a network-centric, smart and advanced manufacturing infrastructure based on ATLANT 3D’s proprietary technology and know-how and integrating it with other advanced technologies. We are aiming to develop a network of advanced manufacturing hubs – the A-hubs – across the globe to enable a radical innovation ecosystem for next-generation micro and nanoelectronics prototyping and manufacturing, and this location will be the first!


“It’s more than just the move and the facility itself”, says Erik Stangerup, COO & CFO of ATLANT 3D. “By setting up what will effectively become our first hub for advanced manufacturing, we are significantly increasing the velocity of our go-to-market initiatives. Customers will be able to visit the hub, work with us on highly advanced material and process development, and ultimately even have their devices produced with us.”


We look forward to building and growing our team of brilliant minds to push the boundaries of micro and nanofabrication, advanced manufacturing, and exploring new frontiers for a better future!


About ATLANT 3D Nanosystems

ATLANT 3D is a Danish deep-tech company founded in 2018 developing a fundamentally different and innovative micro and nanofabrication platform technology that enables atomically precise advanced manufacturing of advanced materials and electronics with the vision to revolutionize electronics atom by atom. Since 2020 ATLANT 3D secured a number of customers, leading global industrial companies and organizations, in space, semiconductor, and electronics industries.

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