Full wafer scale processing out of the lab already today


Wafer-level printing

It is important for ATLANT 3D to keep the scalability of our processes and machine in mind when we do development and set our roadmap. As the first test of a scalable process, a set of the same devices was printed spread over a 4-inch wafer in one process. The printer ran with no problems for the entire duration and even though some of the outer devices showed some non-ALD effects, the pattern was still recognizable and definitely a great start for optimization and proof of scalability.

On the image below you can see the full wafer print and zoom in to the right side. For the test pattern in the initial process, it was chosen to print a square using a simple rastering of lines approach and a set of lines with varying thickness and length. Having five different thicknesses in this, it would typically require 5 sets of lithography steps using standard microfabrication.

Hence even though our process is printing devices in parallel, it can be an advantage in terms of time savings and saved post-processing steps.

Ongoing development projects also include other ways of scaling up processing with our printer – stay tuned in the coming months!

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