Pre-order test chips, today!


Test sample chips with ATLANT3D ALDEP printed features to test in your work.  

We are preparing for you, the most curious engineers, researchers and nano-innovators, a test chip with our directly ALDEP printed features on our atomic layer 3D printer – Nanofabricator (TM).

Within the next month, we will show you the test chip sample with features and you will have a chance to order one of such samples for your analysis, research, testing, sensor or innovation project.

We have a capacity only to make a limited amount of such chips and therefore we ask anyone interested in such test chips to subscribe to us through our Linkedin page and follow updates or submit your request for a sample via email here. (highlight here and add email

The test chips will be charged a nominal fee and are limited.

Have more questions? Reach out, our engineering sales team is happy to answer all your questions.

The ATLANT 3D Team!

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