Atomic-layer advanced manufacturing technology as an enabler for the development of smart neuromorphic sensorics


Atomic-layer advanced manufacturing technology as an enabler for the development of  smart neuromorphicsensorics

Copenhagen, 2nd May 2023 - ATLANT 3D, a pioneering deep-tech company that has created the world’s first-ever atomic layer processing technology platform announces the launch of the ATOSENS project in collaboration with the Institute of Electrical Engineering Slovak Academy of Science, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, and Comenius University Bratislava in Slovakia under M-ERA project funding. The project aims to develop a fully Atomic Layer Additive Manufacturing (ALAM)-printed smart TiO2-based low-power hydrogen sensor system prototype with low-level in-sensor data processing in an industrially relevant environment.


The ATOSENS project leverages each partners' expertise to address the call for sustainable, local, energy-efficient high-tech manufacturing and progress regarding integrating renewable energy technologies into end-use applications. The development of the smart in-sensor-processing gas sensor will result in a positive impact on the safety of the hydrogen energy infrastructure.

The collaboration between these industry and academic partners brings together complementary expertise to achieve these aspirational goals. By combining ATLANT 3D's expertise in atomic-layer advanced manufacturing (ALAM) technology, memristor-based hardware neural networks(HNN), and microscopic hydrogen sensors with our partners' experience in research and innovation; the project can develop a revolutionary approach that could potentially provide a 10-fold increase in efficiency compared to current sensorics technologies.

The ATOSENS project also aims to establish an open innovation hub framework for on-demand rapid prototyping using ALAM, which will enable the rapid prototyping of various ALAM-processed HNN designs from students, enthusiasts, and customers. This will facilitate a two-way exchange, leading to a wider societal and economic impact.


The project addresses the needs for novel process technologies considering circular economy and CRM strategies in accordance with SDG 7 &9 and EGD, where rapid on-demand prototyping and a low-burden, cheap, fab-less fabrication method is implemented, minimalizing hazardous materials use and waste production during micro-fabrication and prototyping.

The collaboration also aligns with the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda forSustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal. With the launch of the ATOSENS project, the partners aim to revolutionize smart sensorics through the use of atomic-layer 3D processing as a new paradigm for sustainable, local, energy-efficient high-tech manufacturing



Institute of Electrical Engineering, SAS

 The Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEE) is a research institution located in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is a part of the Slovak Academy of Sciences(SAS) and focuses on research in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics, and information technologies.

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National YangMing Chiao Tung University

 National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) is a public research university in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, known for its strong focus on science and technology, top-ranked programs in engineering and computer science, as well asa prominent medical school and research-oriented teaching hospital.

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Comenius University Bratislava

Comenius University Bratislava is a public research university in Slovakia with a diverse student body and a wide range of study programs. It is known for its high-quality education, research, and international partnerships.

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ATLANT 3D is a deep-tech company that has created the world’s first-ever atomic layer processing technology platform. This has the potential to accelerate the development and manufacturing of advanced materials and emerging technologies.

Founded in 2018, theDanish business has developed an innovative technology platform, that condenses an entire microelectronics manufacturing plant into one machine, offering unprecedented accuracy and precision in nanoscale structure creation. With their ambitious vision of creating a global network of advanced manufacturing hubs called A-Hubs, ATLANT3D is poised to become a major player in the world of deep tech and advanced manufacturing.

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