Nanofabricator LiteTM was born with NASA

In 2020 NASA became our customer after we presented our ATLANT 3DTM Technology and an idea to develop the first-ever atomic layer 3D printing compact machine for micro and zero gravity selective area direct ALD process. This led to the ATLANT 3D team delivering a highly customized machine for their project - testing the deposition of materials in micro and zero gravity.
Due to very strict requirements for volume and weight, our team had to find unique solutions. We developed the first-ever ATLANT 3DTM Nanofabricator 0G – a very compact microreactor selective area direct ALD machine able to work at micro and zero gravity and deposit ALD quality films and patterns in harsh conditions.  

This gave us an idea for applications here on Earth: a compact selective area direct ALD 3D printer that can efficiently serve the needs of innovators, material scientists, and engineers,  as the reduced form factor would allow placing such a machine in controlled inert environments such as gloveboxes.


Sequential deposition of materials

The Nanofabricator LiteTM base model is equipped with 1 precursor and 1 reactant, easily interchangeable for rapid testing of new materials with the possibility to upgrading up to 3 different precursors and 3 different reactants, allowing you to quickly switch between the materials you wish to deposit or test.


- Compact solution

- Rapid prototyping

- Material versatility

- Substrate flexibility

- Glovebox-compatible systems available

- Standalone and modular options systems

- Wide range of patterns and controlled gradients