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Born from NASA project to enable in Space Microfabrication

In 2020 NASA became our customer after we presented our ATLANT 3DTM Technology and an idea to develop the first-ever direct atomic layer processing compact machine for micro and zero gravity. This led to the ATLANT 3D team delivering a highly customized machine for their project - testing the deposition of materials in micro and zero gravity. Due to the strict requirements for volume and weight, our team had to find unique solutions. As a result, we developed the first-ever ATLANT 3D Nanofabricator 0GTM, able to process high-quality films and patterns in harsh conditions using our unique DALPTM technology.


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We saw the potential from the NASA project for using this technology on Earth. So we designed a compact machine called the Nanofabricator LiteTM that can be placed in controlled inert environments, such as gloveboxes. This machine is efficient for material scientists, engineers, and innovators, as it allows them to easily process and pattern atmosphere-sensitive materials for R&D purposes and various applications fields, from advanced materials, optics, photonics, quantum devices, semiconductors, transparent functional electronics, etc. The Nanofabricator LiteTM. So the machine can be integrated with your existing tools and infrastructure.


Sequential deposition of materials

The Nanofabricator LiteTM base model is equipped for 1 precursor and 1 reactant, easily interchangeable for rapid testing of new materials with possibility to upgrading upto 3 different precursors and 3 different reactants, allowing you to quickly switch between the materials you wish to deposit or test

Compact & versatile design to fit to your lab infrastructure

- Designed to fit in controlled environments like glove boxes, desktop chamber etc. enabling direct patterning of atmosphere-sensitive materials in inert ambient conditions
- Different configurations available based on your needs
-Suitable to make cluster and multistep processing within connected gloveboxes

Homogeneous temperature distribution on sample holders up to 50x50 mm

- We design unique sample heating system that allows to uniform heating control with +/- 5°C from 35°C to 300°C and rapidly cool down to achieve based ALD* process conditions
- The Nanofabricator LiteTM sample holder can be repositioned for larger effective printing area, up to 50x50 mm as well as for small area samples with.

Rapid processing with high speed motion system

- The Nanofabricator LiteTM stage can move up to 10mm/s, with a deposition speed dependent on the sample and process specifications

User friendly system design and software

- We are a team of engineer and scientist and we know how important to have a tool that is easy to use
- We design the machine with usability in mind and develop user friendly machine operation

Nanofabricator LiteTM

Our solution is a revolutionary technology that enables selective area direct atomic layer processing for rapid advanced materials R&D and prototyping of microdevices.
The Nanofabricator LiteTM enables the pattern deposition of materials at atmospheric and inert ambient conditions in just one step. Thanks to its reduced form factor, Nanofabricator Lite can be installed in different configurations to fit your needs:

>> Download the tech specs


Ultra-compact design enables the Nanofabricator Lite placement in a glovebox, fume hood, or other controlled environments for testing potentially hazardous materials and processes. Standard connections enable the Nanofabricator Lite to be easily installed without expensive infrastructure investments.

Proprietary micronozzle currently enables selective area processing and patterning with printing lateral resolution of 400 µm, with atomic layer vertical resolution (0.1 nm, material-dependent).

Sensors & automatic tilting available as optional modules for better process control and alignment.

Sample size: up to 50x50 mm**

Patterning on flat and corrugated surfaces with corrugation up to 20 µm, as well as porous and delicate surfaces like membranes. Curved surfaces are supported if a corresponding custom micronozzle is used.*

Broad surface material compatibility
based on the recipe parameters. Supported materials include Silicon, Borosilicate, and Fused Glass, and high-temperature polymers. 

Lateral printing speed up to 10 mm/s **

Material-versatile platform for thermal ALD compatible chemical processesTemperature range: uniform sample heating from room temperature to 300C +/- 5C
User-friendly: Fully automated control system and recipe editor

Replaceable micronozzles will enable further lateral resolution improvements and possibility for free from contamination process.

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