We are democratising access to advanced innovative technologies
with smart automation and atomic layer 3D printing


We enable on-demand
next-generation microelectronics printing atom by atom.


Be the pioneer of the future
microelectronic technologies
on Earth… and beyond.

About the company

“We believe that the future is shaped by ambitious and creative people, and we have created this technology to support their growth.”

- ATLANT 3D Nanosytems Founders

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems is a global pioneer combining unique advanced technologies to enable atomic layer  3D printing.
The company was founded in 2018 by Dr. Maksym Plakhotnyuk, Ivan Kundrata, and Prof. Dr. Julien Bachmann with a vision of delivering the first-ever atomic layer 3D printing technology to reshape the future atom by atom.
Our state-of-the-art atomic layer 3D printing technology is a true European creation, supported by three major European universities: Technical University of Denmark, Institute of Electrical Engineering Slovak Academy of Sciences, and Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.
Three founders provided interdisciplinary expertise in advanced technologies, e.g. micro and nanofabrication, atomic layer deposition, and high precision system development, chemical engineering and material science to create the company’s core technology, know-how, innovation, and strategy.

One day printing democratised access to knowledge and caused an unprecedented paradigm shift. Today, atomic printing is democratising access to advanced technologies, allowing for a new paradigm shift to create a new tomorrow.

New era - new kind of print

In 1454 Johannes Gutenberg demonstrated his printing press for printing books and gave humanity access to knowledge.

Today our team uses atomic layer 3D printing to give humanity access to atoms and enable rapid innovation with micro and nanodevices that we believe will benefit our civilisation.
In 2020 we are ready to take the next step into micro and nano printing, reaching the next level of decentralised printing and sharing atomically precise blueprints.

Changing the World with a Nanofabricator

Atom-by-atom printing will one day change the World completely, as predicted by The Foresight Institute. We are making the first steps with our technology to revolutionise the way we print small and big objects, and how we approach innovating new technologies.


Our team

At ATLANT 3D, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of micro and nanofabrication, and creating new frontiers with atomic layer 3D printing. Our main strength on this journey is our relentless, bright, kind and international team. We combine decades of experience in various fields of advanced engineering, science in micro and nanotechnology, high precision industrial machine design, surface chemistry, atomic layer deposition, software development, artificial intelligence, finance, business development and marketing. We are based in two primary locations in Europe, Copenhagen and Erlangen.

Dr. Maksym Plakhotnyuk

CEO & founder

Visionary deep tech pioneer and entrepreneur



Hardware whisperer, down-to-earth maker, and creator

Prof. Dr. Julien Bachmann


Visionary, far-reaching scientist and innovator

We are funded by:




European Commission

otto bruuns fund