MaaS - Microfabrication as a Service

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Feasibility Studies
Short-term project to validate your R&D or engineering challenges and design concepts

Proof of technology
Mid-term project dedicated to testing our technology to fit your technical requirements


R&D Prototyping
Customised project for your needs to gain the freedom to experiment with our technology and know-how, to test and develop new engineering and scientific solutions

And beyond
We are open to hearing your challenges and bright ideas, and we are here to support you at any stage

Service process

Use case example: Lab-on-Chip

ATLANT3D™ technology allows previously impossible geometrical design and 93% faster and cheaper processing.

*Calculated for single device based on standard lithography and thin film deposition procedures, as compared to ATLANT 3D print tests

technology Process Flow

Conventional UV Lithography Process Flow

Our Joint Development Specialties:

Material Innovation and R&D:
· Rapid testing of new materials
· Material characterization
· Quality evaluation of materials
· Developing  material compounds

Microdevice R&D and prototyping:
· Rapid prototyping of functional devices
· Small-batch prototyping & iterating
. Direct-write technology

Integration of microdevices – adding functionalities such as:
· Integrated sensors
· Surface texturing
· Selective area protective coating
· Selective area optical coating
· Chip surgery

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