We are working on tiny things that are invisible to the bare eye, but they've been shaping our reality for more than half a century. We are talking about micro and nanodevices.

These devices determine our reality and a ”smart” existence. Thankfully to them, we can travel on train, aeroplane or to space, play, sense, calculate and heal.  We are working on one of the most challenging problems that humanity has. We rebel against the limits of the current technologies, and we want to speed up innovation with atomic precision.

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems reinvents how micro and nanodevices are made to expand the possibilities of our civilisation. Our long term goal is to develop a fully autonomous smart nano factory to enable one point of manufacturing for complex 3D micro, nanodevices and open atomic rapid innovation in endless applications and industries.


ATLANT 3D is the first and only company that simplifies micro and nano processing. This enables rapid prototyping by solving problems that have never been solved before. We are building the Nanofabricator™, the world's first-ever standalone atomic layer 3D printing platform for micro and nanofabrication. This allows the possibility to use more than 450 commercially available materials, and enable the printing of micro and nanodevices within days instead of months or years. 
We are reinventing the way micro and nanodevices are made.


Entrepreneurial Mindset

We cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and consider every challenge as a chance to be original and unique. We are aware that creating value is our responsibility. We are leaders and visionaries. We have the patience and tenacity to take our ideas through to completion because we are constantly looking forward and looking for new possibilities to develop and improve. We want to have a good impact and advance our own and our clients' prosperity through our entrepreneurial spirit.


We are dedicated to advancing and changing at all times. We have a distinct vision for the future and are prepared to stretch ourselves in order to realize it. We have the discipline, resilience, and determination to overcome any obstacles that may come our way because we are self-aware and understand when change is necessary. We are committed to keeping our promises to one another and to ourselves, and we make it a priority to strengthen our bonds via cooperation and teamwork. We think we can do big things and have a beneficial impact on the world if we are dedicated to excellence.

Integrity and Decisiveness

We place a high priority on honesty and initiative. We are aware that making a decision—no matter how flawed—is preferable to doing nothing at all. We make decisions based on information, and we don't hesitate to act. We make a point of constantly being genuine and true to ourselves because we understand how important integrity is. We think that a solid foundation of honesty is necessary for our subject matter knowledge, perseverance, and enthusiasm to be productive. These principles work best together because they enable us to carry out our plans and accomplish our objectives.


Once-in-a-lifetime experience
What we develop is unique, and we are incredibly excited to make a difference. You can join us to take a technological leap together.

Growth opportunity
We are a fast-growing team with a need for technical and business experts, with ambitions to grow and flourish.

Learning and development
We are working with a cross-disciplinary field. You have a chance to learn from design through programming and nanotechnology. Become a pioneer with us in developing new knowledge and technologies.

Work and Life balance
We value the balance between work and play and are fans of Danish Hygge and the Bavarian-style.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team!




You are also welcome to send your CV here if none of the position above match your profile.