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We are disrupting the 60 years of micro and nanotechnology development and enabling in Space microfabrication.


Simplified process flow with as little as 3 steps


Reduced time and equipment investment by a 10th of the time


Material innovation and microfabrication with the selection of among 450 different materials

Design freedom

Creation of previously impossible geometries


Find out what endless possibilities feel like with our technology, products and services to master nanotechnology.

ATLANT3DTM Technology

Our solution is a multidisciplinary and revolutionary technology that enables multi- material, atomically precise, highly scalable atomic layer advanced rapid development, prototyping and manufacturing of micro and nanodevices for various applications.


Our Nanofabricator 1&2 equipment platforms are a standalone, cleanroom free, material innovation and rapid prototyping machines capable to process samples up to 150mm in diameters and 6 materials at a time.  This unit is excellent solution for academic and industrial R&D that will enable you to test previously impossible ideas and move them from lab to fab.

Nanofabricator LiteTM

Tested with

Technology developed with strict requirement from NASA and tested with NASA to enable microfabrication at micro and zero gravity

Nanofabricator LiteTM is highly robust, compact and customized platform to satisfy versatile R&D needs of any lab and enable rapid material testing and small-scale prototyping of ALD process based materials without a need in a cleanroom, in your own controlled environment and with sensitive base materials. The Nanofabricator LiteTM enables the patterned deposition of materials in atmospheric and inert ambient conditions in just one step. Thanks to its reduced form factor, it can be installed in different configurations to fit your needs.

Microfabrication as a Service

Our MaaS brings new dimensions to microfabrication, with endless design and materials possibilities. We are passionate about providing services to academic, SMEs and corporates that are looking for innovation at an atomic scale. We combine our unique technology with state-of-the-art existing microfabrication processes and provide you unique solutions with highly creative but also scalable approach. We give you the solution to scale you research or innovation from lab to fab.



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Latest news

ATLANT 3D named one of Hello Tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers!

Come and meet us at the “Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2021” December 2nd-3rd 2021, Europe’s biggest deep tech event


11th IEEE International Conference on Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties

Meet our CEO & Founder Maksym Plakhotnyuk at the 2021 IEEE 11th International Conference


ATLANT 3D Nanosystems welcomes semiconductor industry veteran, Chris Kramer

Chris Kramer, has joined ATLANT 3D Nanosystems as Chairman of the Board of Directors


Pre-order test chips, today!

We are preparing for you, the most curious engineers, researchers and nano-innovators, test sample chips.

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Novel approach to patterning in atomic layer deposition

Enabling direct patterning of materials with atomic precision. By Matthias Carnoy - Microtechnology Engineer.

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Press Release - ATLANT 3D secures NASA as a customer

ATLANT 3D secures NASA as customer and launches solution for in-space and in-lab prototyping and manufacturing.

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